Labels are only words—and words when chosen carefully usually do communicate more effectively than silence. Here are some good possible reasons that some people decide to call themselves queer, lesbian, bisexual or gay: To protest against our homophobic society’s attempts to dictate who we can or cannot love. To let others know you’ve stood up for your right to love and make love to anyone you care to. You don’t know how to repress your same-gender sexual feelings and you feel it’s better to acknowledge and come to terms with them than to go on denying their existence. To experience what it’s like to be given a stigmatized label, and gain the knowledge, emotional strength and self-reliance that comes with that experience.

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Contact us about this article Are there really two types of transgender people, or are there only different blends of characters and personality traits? This may seem like a purely academic question, but the answer has actually strong repercussions for how people look at both crossdreamers and transsexuals. In a new paper, Dr. Veale, brings new evidence that the various shades of male to female transgender are indeed variants of something related, and not two distinct categories.

The two types of trans women One common idea regarding male bodied transgender people including transsexual women is that there are two distinct types.

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Translation by Kim Deutsch: The explanation of the terms and expressions are special to the German-speaking context. This is why some explanations might seem a bit odd to you, if you are not used to the German-speaking ways of using them. Because we want to keep this glossary as comprehensive as possible, we are always glad to see if you have any suggestions for improvements of explanations or want to add any words.

Expressions explained in the glossary are always marked with a dot in front of them, the first time they appear in the magazine. Among other things it contained punishment for sexual acts among male people. Able-bodied — People who are neither mentally nor physically disabled, nor have a chronic illness.

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I am male and would like to, at some point in the future, have a romantic partner and establish a family on my own etc. Looks-wise I would say many would find me quite attractive – it has never been a problem for me getting one-night-stands. But it never develops further from there. Exclusively as a result of my Aspergers Syndrome – or so I thought for a long time.

For a long time I thought I had just not met the right woman yet. But I am beginning to find out there is more to it than just than.

Aug 30,  · See, I feel like kind of a jerk saying this, but I don’t think I could see myself dating a “guydyke”. Sorry.:(Male bodies are just a pretty big turn off to me.

Map showing all locations mentioned on Wikipedia article: Transgender is a general term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies to diverge from the normative gender roles. The precise definition for transgender remains in flux, but includes: Transgender people may also identify as bigender , or along several places on either the traditional transgender continuum, or the more encompassing continuums which have been developed in response to the significantly more detailed studies done in recent years.

Evolution of the term transgender The term transgender TG was popularised in the s but implied in the s describing people who wanted to live cross-gender without sex reassignment surgery. In the s the term was expanded to an umbrella term, and became popular as a means of uniting all those whose gender identity did not mesh with their gender assigned at birth.


Quiet dates with lots of opportunities for conversation Fun dates with lots of activities or meeting up with friends When you’re dating casually: You tend to date more than one person You date only one person When you first start dating someone: You are a pretty private person You open up very quickly You tend to enjoy dates that are: Spontaneous – where anything can happen Carefully planned out When you start a relationship:

Girlfags and Guydykes, Unite! Over at Crossdream Life, Sahar has announced a new social network where female to male and male to female crossdreamers may hook .

Ron Jackson Suresha Language: Coming Out Every Which Way confronts head-on the limiting views that bisexuality is a transitional phase of sexual evolution or a simple refusal to accept being either homosexual or straight. The millennial shift in sexual perspectives draws more and more men to come out as being attracted to both women and men.

Bisexual and bi-curious men will find comfort and camaraderie in these stories about coming out, its impact on family and marriage, evolving perspectives on bisexuals within the LGBT community, and the building of acceptance and affirmation for bisexuality and polyamory. The nearly three dozen essays in Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way are told in the honest words of bisexuals, confirming the validity of their place in the world while illustrating that there are more bi men than anyone ever realized.

Each contributor to this collection affirms the innate fluidity of self, sexuality, family, and community, and proclaims that sexuality is truly diverse in its predispositions and creativity. Coming Out Every Which Way separates its essays into four parts:


January 22, , One might be able to think of better terminology, but I won’t waste time on this. Well, I’m willing to try to understand your POV. Answers to the following questions will likely “educate” and illuminate me: Do you think the term “female gay” misandric?

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There is no such thing as rape. This translation is the first article of a series of articles to be translated from German. Forgive me the insertion of wordy notes that are not present in the German source. If your first language is English and you want to help to translate or polish a text, I would appreciate your help. Just write a comment or send me a mail. He prepares and initiates sex and acts determinedly.

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As I got older, I realized how valuable our language is to the livelihood of our Navajo Nation. Long-time friends and educators, Dr. Begay and Charmaine Jackson have teamed up to create this new TV pilot for an all-ages audience or for anyone who wants to learn the Navajo language. After several years of extensive research on the Navajo Nation, Dr.

I decided that I had to research and develop our own curriculum guide that is meant to teach Navajo through media. Begay and Jackson, co-writers of the show, developed the first 3-puppet characters and plan for many more. Nanabah is fluent in Navajo and likes to teach children about life on the reservation with her animal friends and special guests.

Children who want to learn Navajo will also be an important part of the show by interacting with Nanabah, her friends and storyline. Currently media is a very powerful tool that can be used to teach. She is cognizant of the digital age we live in and the opportunities to utilize media to revitalize the Navajo language. However, we need a show based on our own Navajo learning principals our ancestors set out for us to learn and live by.

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